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The Pork Shack was created by the owner of Dish Catering a local
catering company that has been serving the area since 2001.


We Can do that!

pick up, drop off, or full service


We ‘aint just pork! Check it out.

Party Pack:  Feeds 10 -30 guests

10 ready to assemble sandwiches, just heat and assemble. 

Can be served whole or cut into bite sized pieces,{GREAT for a cocktail party.}

 We recommend the Almost Famous version but any of our sandwiches are available deconstructed and ready to make. Cost is 9 sandwiches the 10th is free!

Full service Party Packs available for Weddings or large parties. This is a full service sandwich making station. Speak with a coordinator for this service. Priced according to need of the event.

Served in aluminum  1/2 hotel pans : serves 10-20 

Mac-n- Chee! Kid friendly , adult approved, simple 3 cheese Mac $32.50

Mac-n- Blue creamy blue cheese sauce & macaroni $39.95

Master Class Mac: gruyere, munster & cheddar $45.95

Bacon It: Add bacon to any of these $6.95  additional 

Corn Spoon: Feeds 10-20 side dish. $46.95 

 We’re sorta famous for this too! Kinda like corn bread but you have to eat it with a spoon, served warm. Super moist, kinda sweet, always a hit!  

MASHERS!  Small 10-15  $34.95  Lg 16-25  $64.95

butter,  heavy cream, yukon gold potatoes. Seriously the best potatoes ever. 

Make ‘em cheesy add $8.95 Gruyere, cheddar or blue 

Add Bacon $6.95

Salad Season: Sm $29 Lg $45

Caesar: romaine, real parmesan dressing, crushed croutons

Seasonal: This salad is seasonal made with market fresh greens and veggies. Dressing choices  

Broccoli Rabe: $10.95 Per Pound { 1 pound minimums|}

garlic parmesan butter

Mac-n- Chee Bites   24  Fried morsels of hooey gooey Mac n Chee!   $38.95

 Tater Tots:   crunchy tots {REQUIRES 30-40 MINUTES COOKING TIME} comes with pint of cheese sauce &  1/2 pint ketchup  $22

Pork & Waffles: Serves 10- 20  Guests  $65

30 half waffles cooked in butter, Pulled pork, maple syrup on the side

Brunch Waffles:  Up to  10-20 Guests $45.50

maple syrup, triple berry sauce,  vanilla whipped cream  {other homemade sauces available}

Chicken &  Waffles 10-20 Guests. $65

 waffles, male syrup, southern style buttermilk fried chicken {choice of breast or thigh meats}

Fruit Salad: Chucky market fresh fruit  one size $40 feeds 10-20 

Sandwich Trays:  36  individual sandwiches on soft rolls  $135  10-15 people 

 Mini Sandwiches ( approx. 2 per person needed)  sandwiches can be added by the dozen. 

 Choose 2 

Chicken California,  chicken breast, tomato lettuce mayo on allow roll 

The Frenchie: Ham, gruyere  dijonaise on  white pillow roll

Hummus Among’ Us: hummus, roasted pepper on whole grain roll 

The Mozt: tomato, fresh mozzarella , pesto 



Our pork is  Cuban style, marinated overnight then slow roasted and pulled, it’s not BBQ but we do make BBQ sauce in case your into that sorta thing!   Sauce it up baby!

Pork: $15.99 per pound 

BBQ Bits Pork: $16.50  Per pound 

This is a mixture of the crispy roasted bits and our tender shredded stuff, tossed in  house modified Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce. Perfect for putting on soft rolls, adding to the top of our 

mac-n-chee, or rolling up in some of our toasted pitas. 

Shack BBQ Sauce $6 Per Pint

BBQ Slider  Party Pack : $125.00

48 Rolls;  White Pillow Rolls & Cheddar Rolls,5# BBQ Bits Pork, Pint  O’Pickles or Jalapeno & Raw Onion, BBQ Sauce

Shack Taco Pack  $45

Soft corn taco shells

pork taco meat, red chili spiced {mild}

Onion, limes, slivered cabbage, cotjita cheese

Sriracha Mayo sauce 

Sausage & Peppers  5# pan Feeds 10-15  $65.95

Sweet pork sausage, sautéed bell peppers and onions, our marinara 

Choice of rolls or toasted pitas 


BraiseThe Lord Brisket: wine braised brisket $17.50 per pound

We’re not just pork experts ya know. This stuff melts your mouth, we make grandma’s jealous all over the world. This is great for casual parties but also makes and exquisite enter for a sit down dinner. Ask a staff member how.

Braise the BBQ: $18.50 Per Pound 

We take the brisket, shred it up add some BBQ to the broth! DUDE!

Herby Yardbird : $9.95 per pound

Trio of herb coasted breast of chicken, pan seared, can be served chilled or warmed. 

Beer Bird:  $8.95 Per Pound

Beer & onion braised chicken meat, shredded and seasoned with our secret stuff. Makes the best tacos ever, ask get on slider rolls, OWNERS PICK for best value & taste!!

  Beer Bird Tacos:  $45

soft corn taco shells

Beer braised chicken taco meat, red chili spiced {mild}

Onion, limes, slivered cabbage, cotjita cheese

Sriracha Mayo sauce

Poached Salmon: 10-15  $140 per side

Oven poached and chilled, served with cucumber herb yogurt sauce & fresh lemon    

Seared Salmon 5 pound minimum Starting at $15.95 Market price varies

Simply seasoned and perfectly seared golden brown, ready to reheat and serve

Seasonal sauces available. { popular choices, fruit salsas, spring mushroom butter, roast pepper jam, lemon ailoi}


Waffles & Ice Cream ( full service events only)  $5.50 per person

ice cream, whipped cream , hot fudge

Chocolate Covered Strawberries  $2.50 each  2 dozen minimum, discount for large orders 

 S’mores Service  homemade marshmallows, graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate bars, fire pit if needed MP


All pricing is subject to market increases

Tax is separate

Service charges may apply to certain items & services

Undercooked or raw food may result in food born illness, please follow reheating instructions fully.